Luv Catz is all about FUN. Follow the adventures of Bot Bot, Captain Midnight, Ghost 7, Bleep and their other friends in our comic strip and comic books. We also want you to look good as well as laugh so we have a line of clothing and accessories.

Come and geek out to our dance/fashion shows at comic cons,gamers events and electronic music festivals. Check out our TV show Luv Catz TV Party on You Tube. Luv Catz is an international fashion company with a difference.  2/3 of women in the developing world do not have access to education. With our profits from Luv Catz we are looking to build schools for women., STEM Scholarships and helping fight Human Trafficking World Wide.  We can change the world and have super fun time. OXOX 



Steve Metz Luv Catz Designer Questions and Answers

November 17, 2019

What was your most embarrassing moment? I am pretty hard to embarrass. I guess My wife seeing being on stage in another womans dress and one of the go go dancers in my band in her dress. Both of us getting sweaty on stage. She was really pissed. It was Flag day and I called it drag day. The all girl opening band Scarlet O dressed as guys and we dressed as girls ( some of us). I was not wearing any underwear and the skirt kept riding up exposing me to the audience. What is your most treasured possession? The second guitar I made. It came out fantastic and the subsequent builds lead me on many an adventure. The...

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Christopher Tinypants Dang- Rock On

October 27, 2019

Christopher "TinyPants" Hong Dat Dang  Sunrise: February 20, 1983   Sunset: October 20, 2019 We are sad to announce the death of our designer friend and Luv Catz contributor Chris Dang.  Chirs and I worked on the Luv Catz logo and he helped design the Bot Bot character. I have know Cris for 10 years. We met at a fashion show in 2009 right when I was starting Luv Catz. I was so impressed with his work I hired him to help me design the Luv Catz logo. He was a true free spirit and spent his time in Jacksonville, NYC, Tokyo, Bali and San Francisco. We would meet up about once a month and talk business, fashion and music over...

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Hoodies Hoodies Goodies

October 21, 2019

I finally got some high quality Hoodies in. These are the kind you will keep and wear for years. Perfect for those cold rainy days. It took me a while to find the best. Some that were comfy did not print well and those that printed well were cheap junk. We you know me I don't like cheap crap. Stuff that wears out quick is not environmentally friendly. Fashion is one of the big polluters so my philosophy has always been make the best. It's good for the earth and our fans. We are doing a number of things to make our products earth and carbon foot print friendly. We make most of our products near by and our suppliers...

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