October 27, 2019

Christopher Tinypants Dang- Rock On

Christopher "TinyPants" Hong Dat Dang 

Sunrise: February 20, 1983   Sunset: October 20, 2019

We are sad to announce the death of our designer friend and Luv Catz contributor Chris Dang.  Chirs and I worked on the Luv Catz logo and he helped design the Bot Bot character. I have know Cris for 10 years. We met at a fashion show in 2009 right when I was starting Luv Catz. I was so impressed with his work I hired him to help me design the Luv Catz logo. He was a true free spirit and spent his time in Jacksonville, NYC, Tokyo, Bali and San Francisco. We would meet up about once a month and talk business, fashion and music over a bowl of Pho or at the Korean place in Jax.. Besides being a talented designer he was a very good DJ and musician. Many a fun evening in the Dark Lords of Infinity studio jamming on the beat boxes and synths. He was the kind of person that brought joy wherever he went. He wanted to make the world a better place. We had many late night conversations on how to do just that. I his final message last week he said that Luv Catz was doing the job of Angels in making the world a better place. I was kind of taken aback and said No we are just very very angry at the way the world is. Building something that helps people is a better way to direct my anger than the alternative. Now I know a little better about what he was talking about. We are going to carry on and make this work. Chris you will always be with us in spirit. 

October 21, 2019

Hoodies Hoodies Goodies

I finally got some high quality Hoodies in. These are the kind you will keep and wear for years. Perfect for those cold rainy days. It took me a while to find the best. Some that were comfy did not print well and those that printed well were cheap junk. We you know me I don't like cheap crap. Stuff that wears out quick is not environmentally friendly. Fashion is one of the big polluters so my philosophy has always been make the best. It's good for the earth and our fans. We are doing a number of things to make our products earth and carbon foot print friendly. We make most of our products near by and our suppliers are women owned companies. We will have our producers featured in some of our TV Party videos. Also coming our our organic cotton T Shirts made with organic cotton from NC and T Shirts made next to the cloth factory. This reduces the carbon footprint of the supply chain that is usually from India to China to the USA.
October 14, 2019

Luv Catz Helps Schools in Developing Countries


One of the things your purchase supports is the building of schools in developing countries. Schools for women tend to struggle for funding as in many countries school is not free. It costs money and boys tend to get to go to school leaving the girls at home. A motorcycling friend of mine got me on to this. He and his wife built a couple schools in Nepal for women. It was his untimely death and I found out that the school they were building was 80% complete. I used the money I made from Luvcatz to help complete the school. There are now other organizations that are doing the same thing world wide. https://www.buildon.org is one of those that we will be working with and contributing to. Women's rights depends on educated women to change the culture and move these countries out of poverty. The next step is micro loans and education on how to run a business. Luvcatz also supports these next steps.  

September 26, 2019

Luv Catz STEM Scholarships

Luv Catz we love to give back and that is why we are creating Luv Catz STEM scholarships. There will be a number of $5000 scholarships awarded each year to a women in STEM programs. I will have a more extended blog about this with more details as they come.  This is something I truly believe in. College in the USA should be free. We are going to help lessen the burden for young women with these scholarships.
September 25, 2019

Drinking Black Coffee Drinking Black Coffee

Till I am out of my mind. We love coffee and now have mugs. Miss Spooky, Bleep, Bot Bot, Rock is King and our Luv Catz Logo.


September 24, 2019

Anger Is An Energy

I am Angry and I decided to do something about it. Anger is an energy. It is a force that can be used for good and bad. I have been pretty angry about the the way things have been going in America the last few years. Instead of letting the anger burn inside me I thought I would put it to good use. That is why I got Luv Catz back up recently. I was unable to give it full attention 2014-2018 due to taking care of my 97 year old dad. I got to thinking what am I most angry about.

Well it really pisses me off the way women are treated here in the USA and around the world. I looked a few things I cared about and the big one is Education. My Zoe daughter is a super nerd and she got a full scholarship to get a BS in Geology. I think it is great that women today are excited about STEM. Back when I was in engineering school there were too few women. It was like 5%. We are working to change that and we will be offering a Luv Catz scholarship. 

In many parts of the Third World poor people have to pay for school. many times it is only the boys that go and the girls get no schooling because there is no money left over to send them. We helped build a school in Tibet a number of years ago when we first started out. It was the work of one of my motorcycling buddies that passed away. Once that project was finished that was the end. We are now in touch with others that are building schools for girls in the Third World.

The other thing that makes me angry is human trafficking. last year FOSTA was signed and human trafficking increased by 30% here in the US. We have a president that has raped 12 year old sex slaves with his friend Epstein. Nothing is being done about it. It is time to do something. We are working with a couple groups building shelters for victims of human trafficking. GA and FL are two of the highest states for human trafficking.


40% of our profits go to these three things. I thank you all for your support over the  years and now more than ever.

September 05, 2019

We Are Back- Finally

We are back online and shipping most items that are in stock. It has been a hard 3 years and I have been taking care of my dad who was 97. I really could not do much while I was taking care of him. Back with a vengeance and new energy to change the world.

We have changed our mission slightly and will be donating 40% of our profits to help women these three ways. 

1. Luv Catz STEM Scholarship We will have a yearly scholarship available to women that want a career in STEM.

2. Building schools for girls in undeveloped countries. In most undeveloped countries kids have to pay for school. Many girls do not get a basic education because there is no school for them to go to. We are working with others to change that. in 2014 we built a school for girls in Tibet. Now looking for world wide partners to do that.

3. Support for shelters for trafficking victims. Human trafficking is up 35% since the FOSTA laws were introduced in 2018. This is now organized crimes 3rd source of income. Looking for partners to help stop human trafficking and shelters for those women and children who have been trafficked. 

We will be post thing here in our blog and on social media. Stay tuned for more Luv Catz Fun.


Steve Metz

DJ Luv Catz

June 24, 2018

What Style Is Luv Catz

luv catz space

I saw in a fashion blog that another company described their style as Californian Casual. I was thinking what is our style. Space aged Rebel Army, Acid Jam style?

Maybe we are Fun Core or Comic Core

June 24, 2018

February 07, 2017

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We are back- Resist

We have been gone for year due to illness but now we are back. 

Lots of changes in the world and it is time to resist

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