Human Rights Keep Up the Fight


The Time is Now to take action world wide for human rights. Dr Kings quote still hits home that Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.  I have been fighting injustice my whole life. No mater how small. I was fired from a $70,000/yr corporate job for refusing to mistreat African American customers at my job. We have to fight the small stuff that is day to day as well as the big stuff. Just being internally angry all the time is not the solution. There are ways to take action. Donate money to your progressive candidates. Even if it is just $20. Believe me it adds up. If you don't have money volunteer some time. I know a lot of us are not joiners but being part of a progressive community is power and it will also end the hopelessness many of us feel these days. 

   It is the twilight of capitalism and women are at the for front of change. Change comes in lots of small steps. One by one these old people that control things are  dying. They do not want to give up but they are aging out. Fundamentalist churches have fewer and fewer members. Progressive causes have more and more members. It is a daily fight that we can win. The Math is on our side. Non violent protests are scientifically proven to win in the long game. That is the game Dr. King played. The vision from 10,000 feet up in the air where you can see the big picture. The big picture is less violence and more love. Be more loving every day. Take one day at a time. Its not your job to solve all of the worlds problems at one time. Change will come if we do daily good and set the mechanisms for change. Once these mechanisms are in place they are very hard to stop amd we will have that better world that we want. 

Steven Metz
Steven Metz


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