Good Works- A More In Depth Look At What Your Purchase Supports


We have 3 main charities that we support with your purchase dollars. 40% of our profit goes to these good works as we like to call them. Your $30 may allow us $9 to give to the causes we believe in.

1. Luv Catz STEM college scholarship. We give out a number of $5,000 scholarships out every year to women that want to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering and math. I have a mechanical engineering degree from University of Kentucky and was dismayed that we only had 4 women in our class of 200. It is my goal to increase this number to 60%. Money should not be an obstacle to women getting into STEM

2. Building schools for girls in underdeveloped countries. Years ago we were involved in a late friend of mines mission to build a school for girls in Nepal. This was a one time deal. With awareness that children's schooling in underdeveloped countries is paid by the parents and boys get to go to school and there is rarely money for girls to go to school. We are working with several organizations to build schools for girls world wide. Build on is one of the organizations that we support. 

3. Anti Human Trafficking. Human trafficking has grown by 30% since FOSTA was enacted by the US government. I have been fighting human trafficking in the modeling and fashion world for 30 years. We are working with the Woodhull Freedom Foundation by donating money. We are also helping to build two women's shelters for human trafficking victims in Florida. Florida and Georgia have the highest amounts of human trafficking in the US mainly due to gang activity in Atlanta and south Florida.  Here is a link to the Woodhull Freedom Foundation for more information.