About Us

 I started Luv Catz 7 years ago to make fashion fun again and to make the customer experience of fashion a community experience. Fun fashion belongs to every one and not the elite models, reporters and bloggers. My late friend designer Stephen Sprouse  inspired me to make this happen. I am dedicated to Rock and Roll and being outrageous and fun. 

My story starts as a kid in Philly a great art and music town. Told by my parents I have no talent I locked myself in my room drawing,painting and writing.. Inspired to start a band after seeing Iggy Pop I played in punk bands (Mystery Dates and Psycho Girls) in DC and NYC. I collected vintage clothing and also made my own stage clothes. I worked as fashion photographer while in engineering school in Kentucky. Worked in Engineering and the arts in NYC in the 80's and DC in the 90's. I was always drawn to fashion and Luv Catz started as a vintage 50's fashion house and later following my love of electronic music ( I play Latin EDM in Dark Lords of Infinity) we went to more of a street wear look where we are now. I use my own comic book characters in our designs. Kind of like Hello Kitty with an edge.

Our mission with Luv Catz is to build a better world. Women's rights are human rights. 40% of our profit from Luv Catz goes to setting up STEM scholarships for women here in the US, Building girls schools in impoverished countries and fighting human trafficking here in the US and around the world. (You can see more detail about this under our Good Works menu.)


Be on the look out for our comic strip Luv Catz and Luv Catz books. Luv Catz TV Party is happening on You Tube where we interview and dress up the brightest minds and bodies in music, fashion,art, gaming, politics and science. Things you care about and want to learn about.  Check out  Luv Catz Pop Up events at music festivals and colleges. Come and share the excitement of fashion that lets you express your self. Come build a better world with us. 



Steve Metz

Dr Luv Catz