Christopher Tinypants Dang- Rock On

Christopher "TinyPants" Hong Dat Dang 

Sunrise: February 20, 1983   Sunset: October 20, 2019

We are sad to announce the death of our designer friend and Luv Catz contributor Chris Dang.  Chirs and I worked on the Luv Catz logo and he helped design the Bot Bot character. I have know Cris for 10 years. We met at a fashion show in 2009 right when I was starting Luv Catz. I was so impressed with his work I hired him to help me design the Luv Catz logo. He was a true free spirit and spent his time in Jacksonville, NYC, Tokyo, Bali and San Francisco. We would meet up about once a month and talk business, fashion and music over a bowl of Pho or at the Korean place in Jax.. Besides being a talented designer he was a very good DJ and musician. Many a fun evening in the Dark Lords of Infinity studio jamming on the beat boxes and synths. He was the kind of person that brought joy wherever he went. He wanted to make the world a better place. We had many late night conversations on how to do just that. I his final message last week he said that Luv Catz was doing the job of Angels in making the world a better place. I was kind of taken aback and said No we are just very very angry at the way the world is. Building something that helps people is a better way to direct my anger than the alternative. Now I know a little better about what he was talking about. We are going to carry on and make this work. Chris you will always be with us in spirit. 

Steven Metz
Steven Metz


Fashion designer, EDM music producer, Artist and DC Punk Rocker