February 07, 2017

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We are back- Resist

We have been gone for year due to illness but now we are back. 

Lots of changes in the world and it is time to resist

The Luv Catz Book

We have been very quiet for the last 6 weeks but we are pleased to announce that a Luv Catz book is in the work and a graphic novel. Will Captain Midnight and Bot Bot find the killer of Ghost 7. We shall see how our tale unfolds
November 30, 2015

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We Jam Econo

Rocking here with my first band The Mystery Dates. We played a lot with The Bad Brains and sounded like PIL. Fun fashion days. Sears work shirt, Skinny Tie and Horse Riding Boots. Rocking the 63 Jazzmaster that I got for $125 at Rolls Music. Look out Sonic Youth.

Brian Marzulo on drums and Dayrle Jones on bass

November 12, 2015

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Check Out Our Weekly Playlist

Every week we post a Spotify playlist on what we are listening to on the Lost Planet.

Check it out


August 26, 2015

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Who Are The Dark Lords of Infinity?

Due to boredom and lack of fish sticks Captain Midnight and Bot Bot found a cash of olde synths hidden in a tomb. Plugged in and smoking they were able to get a beat from the creaky olde machines and this is the sound that they heard.