Luv Catz Helps Schools in Developing Countries


One of the things your purchase supports is the building of schools in developing countries. Schools for women tend to struggle for funding as in many countries school is not free. It costs money and boys tend to get to go to school leaving the girls at home. A motorcycling friend of mine got me on to this. He and his wife built a couple schools in Nepal for women. It was his untimely death and I found out that the school they were building was 80% complete. I used the money I made from Luvcatz to help complete the school. There are now other organizations that are doing the same thing world wide. is one of those that we will be working with and contributing to. Women's rights depends on educated women to change the culture and move these countries out of poverty. The next step is micro loans and education on how to run a business. Luvcatz also supports these next steps.  

Steven Metz
Steven Metz


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