How It All Began- Dandy In The Underworld

I had a love of fashion at an early age. I think part of it is being brought up Catholic and getting dressed up for Sunday and going to a place where the priests wore these fantastic robes and spoke in an ancient tongue. I always liked to look good and growing up in the early 60's was the height of the mad man era. Men still wore hats and women never went out unless they had on their make up. I was a big movie fan too and watched the 4:00 Money Movie and all those great 1930's and 40's movies were on with the great clothes.  I also loved to go shopping with my mom at Lord and Taylor. I would go thought the racks of clothes and kind of pervy love the feel of the fabrics. Kind of like a John Waters character. Then I went and studied art as a kid. I loved any thing Italian and I thought when I grew up Sophia Loren would be the perfect girlfriend for me. Italians seemed the have the art and style thing down. The times were changing.

Music started to become a big part of my life when I was 9. I really did not like rock music growing up. I was a folkie. Burl Ives and The Weavers ruled. I was a folkie until I heard Jimi Hendrix. Purple Haze turned my world around. I still get chills when I hear that song. The album cover hit me too. Three freaky guys in these wild clothes. They looked like time travelers. I was ready to board the Rock and Roll Space Ship.

To Be Continued - Film Noir - King Crimson and More


Steven Metz
Steven Metz


Fashion designer, EDM music producer, Artist and DC Punk Rocker