Anger Is An Energy

I am Angry and I decided to do something about it. Anger is an energy. It is a force that can be used for good and bad. I have been pretty angry about the the way things have been going in America the last few years. Instead of letting the anger burn inside me I thought I would put it to good use. That is why I got Luv Catz back up recently. I was unable to give it full attention 2014-2018 due to taking care of my 97 year old dad. I got to thinking what am I most angry about.

Well it really pisses me off the way women are treated here in the USA and around the world. I looked a few things I cared about and the big one is Education. My Zoe daughter is a super nerd and she got a full scholarship to get a BS in Geology. I think it is great that women today are excited about STEM. Back when I was in engineering school there were too few women. It was like 5%. We are working to change that and we will be offering a Luv Catz scholarship. 

In many parts of the Third World poor people have to pay for school. many times it is only the boys that go and the girls get no schooling because there is no money left over to send them. We helped build a school in Tibet a number of years ago when we first started out. It was the work of one of my motorcycling buddies that passed away. Once that project was finished that was the end. We are now in touch with others that are building schools for girls in the Third World.

The other thing that makes me angry is human trafficking. last year FOSTA was signed and human trafficking increased by 30% here in the US. We have a president that has raped 12 year old sex slaves with his friend Epstein. Nothing is being done about it. It is time to do something. We are working with a couple groups building shelters for victims of human trafficking. GA and FL are two of the highest states for human trafficking.


40% of our profits go to these three things. I thank you all for your support over the  years and now more than ever.

Steven Metz
Steven Metz


Fashion designer, EDM music producer, Artist and DC Punk Rocker