We Are Back- Finally

We are back online and shipping most items that are in stock. It has been a hard 3 years and I have been taking care of my dad who was 97. I really could not do much while I was taking care of him. Back with a vengeance and new energy to change the world.

We have changed our mission slightly and will be donating 40% of our profits to help women these three ways. 

1. Luv Catz STEM Scholarship We will have a yearly scholarship available to women that want a career in STEM.

2. Building schools for girls in undeveloped countries. In most undeveloped countries kids have to pay for school. Many girls do not get a basic education because there is no school for them to go to. We are working with others to change that. in 2014 we built a school for girls in Tibet. Now looking for world wide partners to do that.

3. Support for shelters for trafficking victims. Human trafficking is up 35% since the FOSTA laws were introduced in 2018. This is now organized crimes 3rd source of income. Looking for partners to help stop human trafficking and shelters for those women and children who have been trafficked. 

We will be post thing here in our blog and on social media. Stay tuned for more Luv Catz Fun.


Steve Metz

DJ Luv Catz

Steven Metz
Steven Metz


Fashion designer, EDM music producer, Artist and DC Punk Rocker